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Trial & Litigation Counsel

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With decades of experience representing food companies as defendants and plaintiffs in food safety and quality lawsuits throughout the United States, Food Industry Counsel is uniquely positioned to expertly manage your litigation and trial strategy. Food Industry Counsel thoroughly understands the food industry, and is thus uniquely positioned to effectively and efficiently protect food companies and enforce their legal rights. While we work hard to avoid costly and expensive lawsuits whenever possible, we also understand that not all cases can be resolved amicably. When food safety and food quality lawsuits are filed, we stand ready to aggressively manage your defense or pursue your claims.

Shawn knows the food industry and the players within it. He is enjoyable to work with. Shawn has a practical, candid, 'call it like it is' style and he always manages to find ways to make himself available, especially at the times he's needed most.

Lanny Viegut
Carnivore Meat Company

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