FoodIndustry Counsel


Solving Your Most Difficult USDA Regulatory Challenges
If you harvest, fabricate or process meat or poultry products, you interact with USDA on a daily basis. But, sometimes, the routine becomes extraordinary. Whether faced with an unexpected FSA or difficult and costly regulatory issue, our firm can help you resolve your most complex regulatory concerns.
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Reducing Your Undeclared Allergens
Your Sampler May Be Your Savior … Or Your Saboteur
Establishments Continue To Excel At Eliminating E. coli


Managing Your Unexpected High-Profile Outbreaks And Recalls
Food production is surrounded by risk. Often times, despite a company's best efforts, recalls can and do occur. When FDA or USDA request a recall, our firm can help your company navigate the recall process successfully, while at the same time protecting your product, your customers and your brand.
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How Fast Are You Required To Announce That Recall?
The Four C’s of Recall Management
Nurturing Your Recall Decision Tree


Protecting Your Brand By Finding And Eliminating Food Safety Risk
If your company has not yet been involved in a recall, it is only a matter of time before you are. In many cases, however, recalls could have be avoided by proactive risk management. Our firm can help your company identify and then eliminate risk to prevent unwanted recalls.
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Shifting From “Root Cause” To “Root Source”
Hiring Employees Who Can Be Trained
Managing Agency Criticism And Criminal Exposure


Defending And Prosecuting Your Most Complex Food Safety Claims
Sometimes, despite best efforts, parties are unable to resolve their food safety disputes. When this happens, we help food industry clients defend against food safety product liability claims, and regularly assist food industry clients either prosecute or defend their high-profile food safety and food quality commercial claims.
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Will Safe Handling Warnings Save You?
Mediating Your Most Difficult Food Safety Claims And Disputes
Deciding Whether Food Safety Mediation May Be Best For You