Events: Food Safety Is Always on Our Agenda

As part of going all-in for food and all-out for those who provide it, we regularly participate in pivotal industry events. If you plan to be at any of the ones listed, we look forward to meeting you and hearing about your food safety challenges.

April 03-05, 2018

Safe Food California Conference

Indian Wells, CA


Because of new food safety laws, recent FDA policy shifts and aggressive regulation, the risk profile for food companies has increased immensely. In additional to increased civil and regulatory exposure for food safety failures, FDA is now launching criminal investigations against food companies whose products cause illness.  More and more food companies are being targeted by FDA, and some are being shut down.  As FDA aggression continues to intensify, learn about the current status of FDA policy and what you need to know to protect your company and brand.

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May 07-10, 2018

Food Safety Summit – Addressing Food Safety Throughout the Supply Chain

Rosemont, IL

Tuesday, May 8 "Food Safety Case Studies Impact on the Supply Chain: Lessons Learned"

Subject matter experts will be available to provide added insight based upon their prior experiences. The goal is to gain new knowledge from the lessons learned as shared by participants during an open discussion and critique of selected case studies. 

  • Case study overview of 2017 recalls involving papayas adulterated with Salmonella and eggs for pesticide residues - Craig Henry
  • Supply Chain food safety weaknesses illuminated by the recalls - Ryan Friedman
  • Foodborne illness lessons learned from the papaya recall - Art Liang
  • Liabilities across the supply chain - Shawn Stevens
  • Recommended egg supply chain improvements - Oscar Garrison
  • An Executed Recall Across the Supply Chain - Kathleen O'Donnell
  • Open forum discussion and audience recommendations to improve food safety across the supply chain.

Thursday, May 10 "Lessons Learned from Recent FDA Inspections: Avoiding the Mistakes that Lead to Recalls and Suspensions"

  • Armed with increased powers, FDA is conducting an increasing number of food facility inspections. During these inspections, the agency is conducting extensive microbiological sampling, and looking for evidence of pathogens in the environment.
  • When pathogens are found, recalls can be triggered and FDA can suspend a company's registration. Learn about strategies used by FDA during recent inspections, how and where the agency is swabbing inside facilities, the percentages of samples testing positive and how many recalls are being triggered as a result.
  • Using this insight drawn from recent FDA inspections, you can better prepare your own facility for the inevitable day when FDA arrives.

Thursday, May 10 "High-Profile Foodborne Illness Lawsuits: A View from the Inside"

A single food safety failure can have catastrophic consequences for both consumers and companies. When outbreaks occur, human lives can be lost or altered forever, and the companies involved may be forced to shut their doors. Hear from leading plantiff and defense lawyers, Shawn Stevens and Bill Marler, about the mistakes leading up to some unforgettable high-profile food safety failures, the consequences and fall-out from the resulting outbreaks, and the arguments an outcomes in the litigation which followed.

  • Learn about the mistakes made by companies that have caused catastrophic outbreaks
  • Learn about the science now available to trace foodborne illnesses and link them to your company
  • Learn about the arguments made, strategies used, and outcomes obtained in the high-profile litigation that resulted
  • A must-attend for food safety managers, executives, and company owners. 

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July 08-11, 2018

IAFP - International Association of Food Protection Annual Meeting

The Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, July 10th "How Well Do We Understand Microorganisms in a Food Handling Environment?"

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September 17-20, 2018

Arkansas Association of Food Protection (AAFP)

Fayetteville, AK

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