Solving Your Most Difficult USDA Regulatory Challenges

Posted in Regulatory Compliance

USDA and FSIS maintain a tight grasp over the meat and poultry industries. As a result, it’s critical when facing issues with FSIS, that you partner with a firm that can bring the highest level of expertise to help achieve and maintain compliance. 

For nearly fifteen years, Food Industry Counsel’s USDA and FSIS lawyers have worked regularly with meat companies throughout the country helping them reduce their risk, produce a safer product, and comply with complex FSIS regulations. We also work closely with food companies to help them expertly manage foodborne illness outbreaks and food product recalls, prepare for and respond appropriately to routine and for cause FSAs, and also to respond to FSIS enforcement actions and resulting NOIEs. 

Regardless of the regulatory or food safety issue, Food Industry Counsel is prepared to help resolve your most complex challenges. We are proud to have represented the meat industry for over 15 years, and look forward to working for you.