Managing Your Unexpected High-Profile Outbreaks and Recalls

Posted in Regulatory Compliance

The business of producing food is complex. Products often incorporate a wide variety of ingredients sourced from locations throughout the world. Moreover, food is often perishable and business success depends on providing products that are as fresh as possible. Sometimes, things go wrong. Recalls may arise through no fault—and without any wrongdoing—of the business that must undertake the recall.

Recalls can also be devastating. Media coverage, regulatory scrutiny, business interruption, and worst of all, disappointing loyal customers are problems that are likely to result from a recall. Additionally, if your recall involves an emerging public health issue, you will need to prepare for potential litigation and regulatory exposure as well. The worst thing any business faced with a recall can do is hide its head in the sand. Recall management requires a dynamic, diligent, and decisive engagement with the issues that emerge.

Whatever food products you grow, manufacture, distribute or sell, we likely have experience working with them. Over the last fifteen years, Food Industry Counsel’s Food Safety Recall Lawyers have managed dozens of high-profile recalls involving a wide-range of products – from every segment of the industry.

In the recall sphere, planning and prevention come first, but effective crisis management and execution is as critical as either. We can work with your business at all stages to ensure that your business is ready when things go wrong.