Defending and Prosecuting Your Most Complex Food Safety Claims

Posted in Recall Management

When a foodborne illness outbreak occurs and food products are recalled, legal claims normally result. These claims can involve commercial claims being asserted by customers or personal injury claims being threatened by consumers. In some cases, these claims can be quickly and efficiently resolved without a lawsuit. In other cases, however, despite best efforts resolution is delayed and a lawsuit is required.

Food Industry Counsel LLC has deep experience in food safety litigation. For nearly fifteen years, we have served as coordinating counsel for multiple food companies throughout the country, have defended large food companies facing hundreds of alleged foodborne illness claims throughout the nation, and also prosecuted claims on behalf of food companies harmed by their suppliers. Sometimes, in these cases, you need to stand and fight. Litigation is always the last resort but, as such, the stakes can be enormous. It can be costly, public and long-lived.

As a result, our first priority is your interests and getting your case resolved as quickly and expeditiously as possible. Our clients have been as diverse as the disputes they have faced. In common to all, however, is the unrelenting, uncompromising, and unparalleled representation we have provided them. We are experts in the industry and in the law. Whether you find yourself on offense or defense in food safety or food quality litigation, our firm is your best choice. We understand the burdens litigation places on a business, and we work at every turn to mitigate each one.

Nowhere else will you find a firm with the experience and expertise we can “bring to the table.”