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Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis Compliance

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Shawn Stevens and Dr. Oz Talk CBD Food Laws

Among the many sweeping legal changes that have occurred in recent decades, perhaps none is more remarkable than the shift toward legalization of cannabis. Currently, cannabis is among the fastest growing industries in the United States, and that growth shows no signs of slowing.

While there are many incredible business opportunities in the cannabis market, there remains a significant amount of associated risk. Federally, although hemp-derived CBD has been legalized for certain uses, and will likely soon be legalized for others, under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana remains a Schedule I substance. Nevertheless, dozens of states have adopted medical and recreational marijuana programs. Even more have enacted programs for hemp and hemp derivatives, in particular CBD.

While the current regulatory landscape creates some unique challenges for companies interested in entering the cannabis market, Food Industry Counsel has the experience and expertise to help companies understand the law, stay apprised of important changes, and successfully navigate the industry’s legal complexities. We invite anyone seeking counsel on cannabis legal or regulatory issues to contact us. We are here to offer guidance, insight and advice to help you better understand this dynamic and rapidly growing industry.

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