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Reducing Your Undeclared Allergens

As we look back over the past several months, we see that allergens continue to upset the meat industry. Within the last year, there were dozens of recalls of meat products for the presence of undeclared allergens. When asked to comment about this trend at a recent food safety conference (the numbers of recalls have … Continue Reading

Your Sampler May Be Your Savior … Or Your Saboteur

Producing meat products that are free from pathogens requires commitment and expertise. In turn, there are many standards that govern the types and frequency of sampling and testing that companies are required to perform within their facilities and on their products. On the one hand, if a company produces raw trim intended for further processing, … Continue Reading

Avoid Your Next FSA By Staying Off FSIS’ Radar

Although most readers of this post will conduct their business under the watchful eye of continuous federal inspection, there is something far more distracting and onerous than having to manage the daily criticism of FSIS onsite inspectors. Indeed, every so often, a team of FSIS Enforcement, Investigations and Analysis Officers (EIAOs) will enter an establishment, … Continue Reading

Let There Be (Additional) Light

The holidays are my most favorite time of year. And, they are getting close. Already, local stores  have begun displaying and selling Christmas decorations in anticipation of the millions of families across the nation who will adorn their trees, homes and yards with bright and inviting lights. Each year, American consumers spend approximately 6 billion … Continue Reading